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More brides opting for "unplugged' weddings


Some brides are asking their guests to stop over sharing their big day on social media sites. With social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, you could say weddings are very much plugged into the digital world. But with new media, comes new etiquette rules for guests so the couple doesn't have to deal with digital distractions on their big day. 

"The easiest way to follow the rule of any type of etiquette is what would the bride want?" said Ala Johnson-Arends, who is a wedding consultant at Pierre Bossier's David Bridal store. She says a recent store survey found that 56% of newlywed women say social media rules are "must haves" at weddings.  

Brides spend months looking for their perfect dress. One of the biggest social media etiquette blunders is to take picture of that dress and post it online for the world to see. "They don't want their bridesmaids posting that picture on Facebook before the wedding," said Johnson-Arends and adds before outing the first picture of the dress or first kiss, guests should think twice. "When you go to the reception, you wait until that person eats first, it's the same thing, wait until the bride and groom post their pictures, then its ok to post," she said.

Social media over sharing faux pas have even fueled a new trend, "Unplugged weddings." It's where guests are encouraged to turn off their phones and cameras. Some even go as far as having a "bouncer" collect guests' phones before the ceremony starts.  

Johnson says the only exception to the rules are when the bride and groom promotes a wedding hash tag. That way they can keep track of what their guests are posting. Even then, she says, wait until after the ceremony to click that share button.  

Another way for bride and grooms to avoid blunders is to have a private wedding photo site.
That way guests can upload pictures straight to the web site, without running the risk of over sharing

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