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U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling comments on Voting Rights Act

U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling was in Tyler Tuesday evening to discuss Washington spending, ways to improve our economy and gave his opinion on the Supreme Court's decision to overturn parts of the Voting Rights Act.

The Supreme Court's decision has already had an immediate impact on Texans.

Unless Congress intervenes, Texas voters will have to show a valid identification to be able to vote in the next election.

Congressman Hensarling, along with many other Americans, believe the act is based on our past time and is no longer relative today.

"There were provisions that were based upon data that was 2 and 3 generations old. That's just not fair. Also there is a bias and a stereotype against the South, of which Texas suffers. I do believe that provision of the Voting Rights Act that required certain Southern states to have to pre-clear voting changes, I'm glad that is no longer part of law," said Hensarling.

Minority groups nationwide are weary of this act, describing how there have been provisions to restrict them from voting in the past.

Hensarling believes requiring identification is not too much to ask for.

"To cash a check, you need an identification to do just about anything in life. If we are going to preserve this most sacred franchise of voting then we have to preserve it from fraud. And so those jurisdictions that want to have a voter identification law, federal government shouldn't get in the way of that," said Hensarling.

While Hensarling wants to restrict fraudulent voting, he encourages Americans to exercise their freedom to vote.

"We have to preserve the right to vote, but we also need to make sure that voter fraud doesn't interfere with that right to vote and that all citizens are treated equally. And it's clear that those in the South have not been treated equally and that was wrong," said Hensarling.

Congressman Hensarling is hosting a series of meetings and events across his district.

Through these meetings, he wants to hear from his constituents about the issues that are important to them

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