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Mt. Juliet smash-and-grab robbery caught on tape

Suspects in Mt. Juliet robbery Suspects in Mt. Juliet robbery

Police have a pretty clear look at the people who got away with $30,000 in merchandise from a Mt. Juliet store, and these crooks made quite an entrance.

The thieves brought a moving truck to load up stolen items at Corner Market and Prestige Jewelry and Loan on Benders Ferry Road, and their every move was caught on camera.

"It's very frustrating to see someone come and violate your premises like this," said owner Nick Hendricks.

Sixteen cameras caught the crime from beginning to end.

The group first arrived in a Penske box truck, trying to back into the building. When that didn't work, the crooks got old-fashioned.

"They tried to back their truck through it, but as soon as they hit it with the sledgehammer, it exploded immediately," Hendricks said.

And if they knew cameras were rolling, the thieves obviously didn't care.

One suspect pulled out a hat, and even casually took it off and adjusted it, clearly showing his face to a nearby surveillance camera.

Inside, another suspect was seen on video stuffing cigarettes from behind the counter into a plastic bag.

And a third suspect burst through an office door into the pawn shop area, immediately going after the jewelry.

"He was able to break one of the showcases and steal about $25,000 worth of jewelry and get out in less than three minutes," Hendricks said.

Before they loaded their loot into the moving truck to take off, one suspect stopped in the convenience store and grabbed some beer.

Hendricks is hoping the crystal-clear images will lead to the suspects' arrest.

"They're just not worried about anything. They look like they are amateurs, but it looks like they've done this over and over again," Hendricks said.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call Mt. Juliet police at 615-754-2550 or 615-754-TIPS.

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