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Public meeting set for Shreveport dog park battle


The Shreveport dog park battle continues Tuesday, but this time the public can get in on it and voice their opinion.

The Shreveport City Council will host a special meeting to hear what the public wants in a new dog park. Last Friday, Mayor Cedric Glover proposed a new dog park be built at Princess Park near Downtown Shreveport instead of going along with plans to build a dog park at Hamel Memorial Park.

Mayor Glover is set to voice his opinion again at Tuesday's meeting. He'll also be given the chance to hear from local citizens about where they want a park. City Council Member Michael Corbin says this will be the first time they will hear from the public on the matter. " I think it is a good opportunity to get the citizens at large involved. Certainly, we've heard from the Dog Park Alliance. I'm not sure we've heard from the citizens as much about the pros and cons and what they want," says Corbin.

A judge is still waiting for Mayor Glover to sign off or appeal a dog park at Hamel Park. Mayor Glover has until July 22nd to make a decision.

The meeting will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday at Government Plaza located at 505 Travis Street. It is open to the public and is expected to last about an hour.

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