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Pleasant Hill community mourning death of toddler


People in the Town of Pleasant Hill in Sabine Parish are mourning the death of 2-year-old Isabella or "Issy" Frasier. The toddler was found dead in an above ground pool at her home Sunday afternoon.  The 911 call came in at 1:30 p-m after a frantic search for the child.

"It's absolutely heartbreaking, we lost a very special little girl," said Winter Jones, Isabella's cousin.  Jones describes the toddler as a "funny, loving, country girl."

Investigators believe she woke up early from a nap and fell in, while her mother was still sleeping. Jones says the toddlers parents are devastated. "You can't put into words how much pain you can just see by looking at them," she said. 

Unfortunately they aren't alone in their pain. The Center for Disease Control says in the United States, at least three children drown everyday.  A statistic Ark-La-Tex swim school instructor Elaine Ramoz, is trying to change. "Drowning prevention is the number one goal here at the swim school because it is preventable," said Ramoz.

At the Swim School, they teach babies as young as six months to hold their breath under water and flip on their backs and hold on to the edge of the pool. "My worst fear is that they would fall in and not know what to do to help themselves, save themselves," said Jill Andrews, who has brought her two boys to the swim school since before they could even walk and talk.

"She likes to splash and play, she has a good time," said Erin Garrett, whose 10 month old baby is learning to swim. Garrett says the lessons give her a peace of mind. "Of course it's any mom's worse fear that anything happen to their kid, if this can help in anyway, I think it's excellent to expose them to early on," said Garrett.

Jones believes had Issy known how to swim, she may still be here today. She hopes their tragedy serves as a reminder to help other families not suffer the same pain. "I think educating children about swimming is huge," said Jones.

If you are interested in signing your kids up for swim classes, the swim school holds classes year-round and has special summer classes. For more information click here. 

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