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Shreveport police investigating break-ins at Rescue Mission

Burglars hit the Shreveport Rescue Mission for the second time in as many weeks Burglars hit the Shreveport Rescue Mission for the second time in as many weeks

For the second time in as many weeks, leaders at the Shreveport Rescue Mission warehouse say thieves broke in on Sunday and stole tools, lawn mowers, almost anything they could get their hands on.

"We can tell you that burglaries are down," says Shreveport Police Chief Administrative Assistant Bill Goodin. "We still understand our obligations to those victims.  We need to investigate these crimes and put the persons responsible behind bars."

Rev. Henry Martin, director of the Rescue Mission, says employees at Kingdom Automotive saw one of the perpetrators standing near the front door on Sunday in the midst of the crime. When they approached him, he took off and left even more equipment in the hallway of the shop.

"Some of these criminals, we'll see them take these items to pawn shops. Others will try to sell it in the street and others will use the items," says Goodin.

John Vice II is the CEO of Top Dollar Pawn Shop. He says whoever the thieves are; they'll have a tough time trying to pawn the stolen stuff thanks to an online database called Leads on Line. "It dumps every bit of information we've taken from the item.  Their names, make, serial number, color, complete description of the person and all of their personal information. It dumps it into a master database."

That database is cross-checked by police, who constantly monitor it to see if any of those stolen items are trying to be pawned.

"We have broken several big cases strictly by our pawn shop detective working with the folks that work in those establishments," says Goodin.  "When he sees something that is out of the ordinary or wrong it ultimately leads us, with kind of a bread crumb trail, to a larger crime."

Vice II adds "It searches EBay and places that don't have anything to do with pawn shops. It's a wonderful program. It's just kind of way to help the police do the manpower."

Now the search is on for those who decided to prey on a program designed for the poor so the rescue mission can continue to do its part and help those who need it.

There was no forced entry to the business. Rev. Martin says whoever the burglars were; they may have picked the lock to the business.  They are now in the process of installing cameras and beefing up security.

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