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KSLA News 12 Editorial: June 26, 2013-WWI Memorial Trees

About 90 years ago two trees were planted in Logansport in memory of those local soldiers who died in WWI. Last week, those trees were cut down to make room for a church building. But they didn't go without a fight.

Protesters tried to stand their ground. Our cameras were rolling when DeSoto Parish deputies carried off one dedicated woman. Veterans also there that day, fought to keep those trees alive. They were not just fighting for two trees, but for a legacy ..for part of our American history.

The trees were planted for us to remember the warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice in combat.

You can't help but think other veterans are wondering if their own legacy will be cut down.

Will the memory of their service also be wiped out by construction crews at some point in the future?

Will anyone remember their sacrifices after they too are gone?

The controversy over these two trees did bring our attention once again to those who fought and died in a war a century ago. When it comes to war heroes, no matter how long ago they served or died, they deserve to be remembered.

I'm James Smith.

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