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Tire slashing spree leaves Bossier residents fuming

Vandals slashed 48 tires in Bossier Parish Saturday night Vandals slashed 48 tires in Bossier Parish Saturday night

Some Ark-La-Tex neighbors are upset after waking up Sunday morning to find dozens of their cars vandalized. Police say 48 tires were slashed and 4 car windows were broken in at least three South Bossier neighborhoods on Saturday night. Police say they believe the same group of teenagers are responsible. Neighbors are furious the vandals ruined their weekend.  

Willard Davis' was eating breakfast Sunday morning when a Bossier Police Officer knocked on his door with some bad news. "He pointed at my car and asked me if I had noticed anything unusual and I told him I had not," said Davis, but after he took a closer look, he realized he too was a victim of the tire slashing vandals.

His car one of 20 cars and three trailers in the area slashed and flattened Saturday night. Some even had windows and windshields smashed in. Police are now investigating the vandalism in several South Bossier neighborhoods.  "Some of the neighbors, I understand had more than one flat on each car, so we were lucky I guess with just one," Davis said, but his neighbor Joseph Ingram wasn't as lucky. "I'm so angry," Ingram said shaking his head.  

Three tires on two of his cars were cut, including his brand new car. The damage canceled plans for a vacation in Arkansas, replacing the fun with tire fixing chores. "Nothing like this happens here, nobody does this kind of thing it's malicious, it's stupid and its very costly," said Ingram.

While police search for the vandals, neighbors are left wondering why they were targeted and hoping nothing like this ever happens again. "I hope they are caught, whoever it is and severely punished for it because it is nonsense to do something like this in a good neighborhood in South Bossier," said Davis.

Bossier's Property Crime Unit is working to name suspects. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers: 318-424-4100.


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