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Louisiana law makes it illegal to publish owners of concealed carry permits


It will soon be a misdemeanor in Louisiana to publish the names of people who legally carry concealed guns. That's one of several gun laws that was before the Louisiana Legislature during the recent session.

Representative Jeff Thompson from Bossier City authored House Bill 8 and saw it signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal recently.

He crafted the legislation after a New York publication published the names and addresses of conceal carry permit holders in that state. Thompson said using an interactive Internet tool, a person could look up permit holders and find out where they live.

"I think that's wrong," said Thompson.

According to Thompson, the information is not a matter of public record. But that wasn't enough: He wanted to make it a crime to publish the names and addresses of permit holders.

He argues that some of them could be the victims of some sort of abuse.

"What you don't want to have happen is to see your name and address suddenly show up in print or on the Internet so that your abuser can come find you and cause you and your family harm," said Thompson.

The law allows for exceptions in certain instances. For instance, if a permit holder were to commit a violent crime, the publishing of their name would be allowed.

His bill becomes law August 1.

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