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KSLA News 12 Editorial: June 24, 2013-Wall of Shame

So what does a city do when it can't get it's citizens to clean up their property? They shame them. That's what the City of Mansfield, Louisiana is doing.

Look at this. It's on the city's web site. It's called the Wall of Shame. Property in the city that is not being kept up, that's falling down, overgrown with weeds, abandoned cars, in general looks bad, is featured on the Wall of Shame. If the property owner doesn't take care of the problem, fines will be issued or the property foreclosed on.

I think this is a fantastic idea that other cities should consider. There isn't a town in the ArkLaTex that isn't faced with the same problem. It impacts our quality of life.

Hats off to Mansfield Mayor Curtis McCoy.

I'm James Smith.

Here is the response from Mansfield Mayor Curtis McCoy:

Dear Mr. James Smith,

We are truly appreciative of your positive comments about the City of Mansfield! It is not very often that we receive comments of this type. Many times people become upset in our attempts to clean up our city and the need for their properties to align with our city ordinances. This has been a twelve year job to clean up Mansfield, and we will continue to do so. Again, thanks for recognizing the city's efforts to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

Mayor Curtis W. McCoy, City of Mansfield



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