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Mayor and council members talk dog park


It appears a dog park for Shreveport could soon become reality, if communication is any indication of progress.

On Friday two opposing sides, which include Mayor Cedric Glover and members of city council, met to discuss the controversial dog park proposal. The proposal would use $280,000 from the Red River Waterway Commission to build a dog park facility on the riverfront at Hamel Memorial Park.

There are still some differences of opinion, but City Council Chairman Michael Corbin says at least they're looking at hard numbers now.

During the meeting Mayor Glover gave a presentation listing all of his concerns he has aou8t using the Hamel park location on the riverfront as a dog park. He listed cost, location, and even functionality. At one point he called the proposal to use Hamel park impractical.

He offered a compromise of using Princess Park, which is located on Fairfield and Common near downtown.    

"I think we got to look at what we're doing in our whole concept of city parks on the riverfront. If it's actually going to cost us close to a million dollars then I think we have to look at other alternatives," said Corbin.

The goal is to get on the same page, according to Mayor Glover. But that could be difficult, even for him. He describes himself as dog park friendly, but he's been fundamentally opposed to the Hamel Park deal from the start.

"We've always talked about the process of being problematic: the idea of accessing dollars for property you do not own, control or govern should be considered not only improper, but inappropriate," said Glover.

Glover's bottom line for a Princess dog park: $96,000. He points out that's a lot less than the $280,000 allocated for the Hamel park location.

City Council Member Jeff Everson reminded Mayor Glover that the Dog Park Alliance had applied for a dog park at Hamel, and that it was approved by the council.

When the mayor vetoed the council's approval of the dog park, the Dog Park Alliance filed suit claiming Glover was violating the city charter and his oath of office.

In mid-May, the mayor was ordered to sign off on funding for the dog park, and given until June 21 to do so. However, that deadline was extended at the last minute. The new deadline is July 8.

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