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Skydiving granny seeks another jump before 92nd birthday


A 91-year-old great-grandmother has crossed skydiving off her bucket list. Free falling 110 mph toward the earth is something she feels she has to do twice.

Rosebud Gard, a mother of two, wants to make her second leap before her 92nd birthday in November.

Unlike many grandparents, she inspired her great-grandson to skydive. She has six grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Weather permitting, she will jump with her great grandson Saturday with the Missouri River Valley Skydivers in Henrietta, MO.

"A couple of years ago, I got to thinking, 'I really would like to skydive,'" Gard said.

Last year, Gard did just that.

"They kept asking, 'Are you OK are you OK,'" she said. "It was marvelous! I was not afraid. I was not scared at all."

Of course a few of her friends were a little nervous.

"She had her car all ready in case I fell and broke my leg or something to take me right to the hospital," Gard said.

Instead, she landed perfectly.

"I really can't explain it to you. You just float," Gard said.

Her adventure inspired others. Gard and her grandson will soon skydive together.

"I just wanted to do it again. I just kept telling everybody," she said.

Gard also inspired members of her church to take the leap from miles above.

"There will be six of us this time. Not just me," Gard said, laughing.

Gard will skydive with her great grandson, Tanner Gard, a father and son duo and two other men from her church.

She has already parasailed and ridden in a hot air balloon. Her next bucket list item is zip-lining in Branson.

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