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Officers face dangers daily


Sometimes we forget that the man and women staked out by the side of the road are putting their lives on the line to keep our community safe.

Sometimes traffic is more consistently a danger to officers during a traffic stop than the people they are pulling over.

"It's never routine, every traffic stop is going to be different every traffic stop is going to be inherently dangerous because you don't know the individual that you're coming in contact with," says Shreveport Police Department Cpl. Patrick McConnell.

All officers have a main task of coming home safely every night. They all go through 16 weeks of intense training to get the job and to learn how to be safe doing it.

"We're looking at their hands mostly, we're looking for anything they could use as a weapon, specifically firearms. The thing that we don't want to happen is someone to get hurt on a traffic stop. We are pretty vigilant about watching an individual things that they say, things that they do" McConnell says.

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