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KSLA News 12 Editorial: June 19, 2013-Caught on Camera: Handicapped Parking

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This photo created quite a stir.

As you can see, it's a Shreveport police car parked in a handicapped parking space. Also in the picture you can see a man, in a wheel chair, exiting a van adding insult to injury.

Now, we don't know why the police car was parked there, but it does serve as a reminder to us all.

Handicapped parking spaces are there for a reason. They are for people with disabilities. They are not for motorists who somehow acquired a handicapped tag. They are not for drivers in a hurry who think they can get away with illegally taking a handicapped spot.

Here's an idea.

Require more identification on handicapped tags including the photo of the handicapped person. This would help to identify people who are using someone else's permit. And create a way that we citizens, when we see someone breaking the law, can easily turn someone in. Just about everyone has a phone with a camera.

You can bet this photo got a lot of attention. And it's a reminder to us all to not take someone's handicapped parking spot.

I'm James Smith.

Viewer comment fro Frances Campbell:

Not a lot of people realize that when you get your handicapped hang tag renewed you are issued a state ID card with your picture on it. It contains a lot of information. If people were asked to show their ID card if someone questioned their parking in a reserved space I think that would be helpful. Of course the person requesting to see this ID should be a policeman.

If they can't show this ID then they should have to pay a stiff fine upwards of $300 as prescribed by law. I've had a hang tag that I've kept renewed since 1999 and have never been asked to show the corresponding picture ID. I'm always mindful of where I park and wonder about cars with no hang tag or handicapped license plate.

Viewer comment from LaShonda Webber:

I want to comment that ID is required and issued to each handicapped individual, as authorized by the physician. When necessary these IDs can be requested for further proof, because you run a risk of violating the American Disability Act (ADA) or violation of privacy by mandating the ID automatically.  As an HR professional, Master Degree in HR Management, local Adjunct Professor at LSU-S and HR consultant, I can assure you there are other ways of handling this than the suggestive way indicated on today's editorial. 

I suppose I should also add that I also am a carrier of the Handicapped placard and also carry the ID at all times as issued by the DMV to all state issued handicapped placard recipients.

Very interesting topic, but certainly should and can be discussed further.

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