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Cedar Grove neighbors tired of drainage issues


Cedar Grove neighbors in Shreveport are tired of sewage bubbling out of the ground and their streets flooding every time it rains.  "We have been complaining and complaining and it seems like to me that they don't even care," said Cedar Grove neighborhood resident Martha Mike. 

She and her neighbor Janie Lee Davis have lived in their Cedar Grove homes for 45 years and for decades, they've dealt with the same two problems when it rains. "The sewage backs up and it starts smelling," said Davis.

"When the water comes up, it comes up in my driveway, when it comes up in my driveway, I can't go to work," said Mike. Both residents say they have asked city leaders to fix the drainage and sewage issues. But they feel their concerns aren't being heard, "We want them to be concerned about us and do something and stop talking, we want something to be done," said Mike. But this time after they called to complain, they got an answer.    

City drainage crew leader Dimitri Mahoney went to Martha and Janie Lee's street to reassure them they are doing all they can. "The problem right now is that we have more rain in the streets than the pipes can handle at this particular time," said Mahoney and adds all they can do is wait until the water recedes to check for blockages in the pipes. "We do apologize for the inconveniences you have," Mahoney told the two women.

But despite the apologies, both vow to push city leaders to come up with a more permanent drainage solution for the neighborhood. "We're going to try to talk to the engineer or somebody, we're going to take it further. Because if we don't get any kind of satisfaction we will take it further," said promised Davis.

Two years ago Shreveport voters approved of 175 million dollars in bonds to make improvements to the city. 92 million was set aside for water and sewerage projects and 44.3 million dollars has been designated for streets and drainage projects.  

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