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KSLA News 12 Editorial: June 17, 2013-Don't Punish the Kids

You've heard it said, "No good deed goes unpunished." That may be what's happening in a Bossier City neighborhood.

Neighbors who live near Mitchell Park organized a Sunday in the park event for children. They pooled their money to buy food and drinks for the kids and on Sundays the children show up for games and to eat. For some kids, it may be their only meal that day.

Now, those Sunday events are threatened. The city closed the park citing concerns over parking and alcohol. Those organizing the kids event say if someone is drinking, it's not them.

So, because some outsiders are breaking the law, the kids have to suffer.

Instead of just shutting down the park on Sundays, the city could recommend a nearby park with more parking. The police could also drop by and arrest those drinking alcohol in the park. They should be making those arrests anyway.

These Sunday in the park events are something good in the community. It is a positive thing for these kids to get to see adults in the area doing good, instead of bad.

The city needs to work something out with the group so these Sunday events can continue.

I'm James Smith.

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