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NWLA lawmakers send 58 bills to Gov. desk

Lawmakers wrapped up the session on June 6 Lawmakers wrapped up the session on June 6

Louisiana's Legislative session has wrapped up and the top bills dealt with new gun laws, health care funding, and education.  

KSLA News 12 wanted to know how our 22 lawmakers from Northwest Louisiana did when it comes to laws that will impact you. 

The total amount of bills signed in to law so far by Governor Bobby Jindal is 215. Of those, 28 bills were written by lawmakers representing Northwest Louisiana, 30 more bills by those politicians are waiting for the governor's signature or veto.  
But some senators and representatives say creating laws isn't the only way to measure their success. Of the Northwest Louisiana's delegation, Bienville/Lincoln Parish Senator Rick Gallot and Bienville Representative James "Jim" Fannin got the most bills to the governor's desk, sending six and seven each respectively.

Rounding out the bottom with zero bills passing to the Governor is Bossier Senator Greg Tarver and Caddo Representative Alan Seabaugh, but Seabaugh says the amount of laws created shouldn't be an indicator of success.  "One of the things they say, good bills take two or three years to pass, bad bills pass the first time. I think that's an indication that mine were pretty good and will come back swinging next year."

This was a fiscal-only session, meaning Lawmakers only could propose a handful of bills not related to the budget. Caddo and Desoto Senator Sherri Buffington had three bills sent to the Governor. She says quality of bills passed is better than the quantity, especially for those spending a lot of time on committees. "At least 50 percent of my time will be spent on the state budget and that always seems to garner the most amount of your time," said Sen. Buffinton. 

Both Senator Buffington and Representative Seabaugh say the real sign of success this session is how everyone was able to work together to agree on a state budget. "We actually increased funding for higher ed for the first time," said Rep. Seabaugh.
"I think you saw a lot of teamwork because we had to end with a balanced budget, I think you saw both chambers rise to that occasion to get their work done," said Sen. Buffington. 

Governor Jindal has to sign or veto bills within 10 days of receiving them. But he has 20 days for those bills passed on to him within the last 10 days of the session's end. If he doesn't act on them within the deadlines, the bills automatically become laws.  

The North Louisiana Economic Partnership threw a party at the Remington Suite Hotel on Thursday for Northwest Louisiana lawmakers. The president of the organization, Scott Martinez, says it's important to recognize the politicians for playing a key role in keeping local and state-wide business incentives strong. "I think they performed admirably considering the restraints in regards to the budget, they had to deal with this session."

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