Fantastic Father: Melvin Childers

Melvin Childers, with wife Freda (Source: Fred Childers)
Melvin Childers, with wife Freda (Source: Fred Childers)

Fred Childers shares his Fantastic Father story:

Here is Melvin Childers, an Air Force veteran who served during the Korean war.

He worked hard as a plumber all of his life to provide for five kids. I remember seeing him settle into his recliner after a 12 or 15 hour day of work to watch the news.

That visual made me think the news must be pretty important if it captivates my very tired dad. He is a news hound for sure! To this day he writes to the local TV stations, and the paper in my hometown and he gets published frequently (He proudly sends me links).

I have enormous respect for my dad. He's my hero. And he's a very big part of why I'm in the news business today!