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The best father

Then and now: Chrissie Purcell and her father Then and now: Chrissie Purcell and her father

Chrissie Purcell shares her Fantastic Father story:

My father taught me no matter what your doing you do it better than anyone else. He taught me to serve my country with pride by watching him serve our country and later as I raised my right hand.

He taught me to that no one is better than you and you're no better than them.

He taught me (as a single father) that the girl gets the bigger room with the bigger bathroom or closet. He taught me to appreciate good music.

He passed away Jan 23, 2013 and now taught me a new season of lessons. I now know that no matter what age, a daughter needs her dad. 

He taught me life is short and. To say "I love you" even when you're angry.  I look at my boys differently as potential men that may one day have daughters and I pray God gives them a heart like his.


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