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Residents recall scary night as manhunt continues


Tiawana Stafford says it all started out as a quiet Sunday evening. "The next thing you know, I heard pop pop pop."

But it quickly turned into everything but quiet after gunfire pierced the calm air in one Shreveport neighborhood Sunday night.

Stafford said she was just watching a movie when police fired almost 10 shots at 28-year-old Labroderick Alexander after officials say he pointed an assault style weapon at them while fleeing on foot shortly after a traffic stop near the intersection of Dowdell St. and West 77th.

"These weapons are very very dangerous not only to just regular people but especially to police officers because when you are faced with a weapon like that there is very little you can do to protect yourself against that," said CPL Marcus Hines of the Shreveport Police Dept.

And now the manhunt is on.  It's an all too familiar scene for the residents of this neighborhood.

"It's normal around here, I've come immune to the situations around here," said resident Mary Swallows.

Stafford added "I was afraid. I was afraid."

Officers when unable to catch up with Alexander but in the haste and commotion he dropped the weapon.

"Mr. Alexander is a person that we are definitely taking very serious. We believe that he is still armed and definitely dangerous at this point."

Meanwhile, Stafford is hoping her porch will be her safe perch once again.

"I hope they catch him. Whoever it is, I hope they catch him."

The officer who fired his weapon is probationary officer Joshua Cordell.  He remains on duty, as his firing his service weapon did not result in any injury.

If you have any information on where Alexander may be you're asked to call crime stoppers at (318) 673-7373. 

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