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Sewage leaks into woman's backyard

Raw sewage is leaking from pipes at an Ark-La-Tex home. Raw sewage is leaking from pipes at an Ark-La-Tex home.

From the front yard, Rebecca Gray's house looks like any other house on the block. In the backyard, you find PVC pipes running from her house to another exposed pipe, where raw sewage bubbles from the ground, "It's like it comes up through the floor and you can smell it. Even when the door is closed and the air conditioner is on. It smells like poop, like sewage."

Gray says she has complained to her landlord and admits that he'll come fix it, "he would run a rotor-rooter, and it would be fine for a little while. Then in the spring and summer it gets really bad."

Gray says she and the landlord, Paul Simon, don't get along very well. After an argument between the two of them, last week, Simon threw something in her trash before leaving her house, "it was a certified letter from the City of Shreveport on one of his other properties on Merrick, with the same problem that I'm having, sewer leaks."

We reached out to Simon about the letter and here's his response, "now typically what the city will do, they will send a letter to me about things like that but I usually get it in a post office box. That's where the property is listed. That's where the property ownership is listed but I never got anything like that. Now they may have sent something to her address but I've never seen it before.

The letter is addressed to Simon Properties, LLC and he admits to having an issue at another location on Merrick Street. However, Simon says the problem is fixed and he is more than willing to fix the leak at Gray's house as well, "I'll be glad to check it out to see exactly what's going on. There has been a problem there but nothing that I haven't be able to solve."

The Shreveport Department of Environmental Services is aware of the issues on Merrick Street and Kirby Place, and is looking into the matter.

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