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KSLA News 12 Editorial: June 5, 2013-House for Hope 2013

For months now we've told you about the House for Hope. It's a brand new house in Shreveport someone will win later this month.

But I don't want us to lose site of the reason behind the house give-away. It's a fundraiser for Community Renewal International.

Money raised will help build Friendship Houses in our community. Those Friendship Houses directly benefit the less fortunate in the ArkLaTex.

Many of our neighborhoods are run down, crime ridden and drug infested. The Friendship House is a refuge from all the bad things that can happen. It's a place for children to go after school and during the summer. It's a place for families to go for help.

Contributing to the House for Hope is a way to invest back into our most challenged neighborhoods right here in the ArkLaTex and maybe win a brand new house.

The house we are giving away on June 28th is now complete. It's located in Island Park in Shreveport. It's valued at more than $320,000. For a chance to win, you can call this number to reserve your ticket or go by the house, see it in person and purchase your $100 ticket. The house is open daily from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. the House for Hope is a joint project of KSLA News 12 and the Homebuilders Association of Northwest Louisiana.

Someone will win this house. The time to buy your chance is now.

I'm James Smith.

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