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Haughton neighborhood copes without water for days



A Haughton neighborhood hasn't been able to flush their toilets, wash dishes, or get any water out of their faucets for days now. That community, Oak Haven Trailer Park, can't seem to get any answers as to why their faucets are dry.  

The trailer park runs off of their own system of well water.  Meaning, the park owner also runs their water system.  But neighbors say the park owner hasn't given them any explanations, why their water was shut off without warning.  

Monday afternoon was the first time in three days, Oak Haven trailer park neighbors saw water trickle from their faucets.  Only problem? They say, the stream of water only lasts for minutes at a time. "It's been a real struggle," said Craig Whiddon, touching his neck brace. Not having water has been hard for him, he has a degenerative disc disease and just had neck surgery. "I have to have water, I have to keep the incision clean everyday," said Whiddon and explains that each time he has to clean his wound, he has to rely on friends and family willing to share their water.  

"I'm trying everything I can," said Patrick Kellum, he's the trailer park's manager. Phone calls from angry residents have been non-stop for Kellum. But he lives in the park and says he's just as frustrated as they are and can't seem to get any answers.  "I'm not even able to get a hold of the owners, I run this trailer park for them and I can't even communicate with them directly," said Kellum. 

We reached out to trailer park owner Bob Chamberlain. After our calls and emails for comment, were not returned, we went to his house and knocked on his door, but Chamberlain didn't answer.   

While neighbors wait, they are finding ways to cope. They say they've been sharing what's left in a small inflatable pool, among neighbors, to flush their toilets. "That is the saddest thing I've ever seen, children carrying buckets of water [from the pool] down the street to take to their house." Whiddon says many residents want to move, but don't have the financial means to go anywhere else.  

This isn't the first time the oak haven trailer park has had problems with their water. Back in November of 2012, the owner got in trouble with the Department of Health and Hospitals for not testing their water for bacteria.  


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