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Storm victims learning what homeowners insurance does not cover


People in both Oklahoma and here in the ArkLaTex are still in clean up mode from last week's severe weather outbreak and Phyllis Rosalies and her husband were included in that damage.

"Trees down, limbs hanging. A fence almost blown over, hail damage on the roof, window busted out, storm door busted out," Rosalies says.

She met with her insurance adjuster and everything was covered. Well, almost everything.

"Besides the trees, yes," says Rosalies. And she's worried they'll become a hazard for other people. "If we have another wind storm or something, they could blow and hit another car going down the street."

When Rosalies expressed her concerns to her insurance adjuster and asked for help with the removal of some of the trees near the road, she got a one word answer. No.

Rosalies says she and her husband don't mind getting out and doing the work themselves but now that a state of emergency is declared for this area, she wants to know what the state will do with those federal dollars to help people who can't get out and do the yard work.

"If there's somebody that can help these elderly people out," Rosalies says. "People that can't afford to have somebody come out and clean their yard. In the government or whoever that could lend assistance to help them."

The state is responsible for removing any trees on the roadway however; If the tree falls on your property, the home owner responsible for its removal. Homeowners insurance also does not cover flood damage to your house. In order to assure your house is insured completely, you may want to invest in flood insurance as well.

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