Libbey Glass set to layoff more than 100 employees

Libbey Glass set to layoff more than 100 employees

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - More than 100 good paying jobs in the ArkLaTex are on the chopping block. Those layoffs are set to take place at the massive Libbey Glass factory in Shreveport.

Union representatives for Libbey employees say next week will be the last week for the employees who are being laid off at the factory. This comes after union representatives say they fought to save as many jobs as possible. Officials say there is nothing else they can do. "It is what it is. It is out of the local's hands. The only thing that we can do now is try to protect the ones that remain and make sure our contract is adhered to,' says President of Libbey Glass Local 711 Robert Jacobs.

Libbey Glass officials say the layoffs are in place because the company decided to remove and send equipment to a different factory in Mexico.

There used to be roughly 500 employees at Libbey Glass before layoffs. By next week, about 115 hourly workers will be losing their jobs. Some employees are worried there may be more layoffs in the future. "It probably is, you know, people just don't know who's going to lose their job and stuff. I'm sure there is fear because I fear for them," says Libbey employee Velma Kennon.

Originally, the company announced a 200-employee layoff, but with early retirement the union says that number was knocked down slightly.

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