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Child diagnosed with cancer among bicycle theft victims

Dylan Mingus Dylan Mingus

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) - A man found himself behind bars after he was accused of stealing multiple bicycles. According to Bardstown police, one of those bikes belonged to a little girl who suffers from a rare cancer.

"How could somebody steal a child's bike?" asked Joni Harrell, victim's grandmother. "Plus a child that has been through what she's been through."

Just looking at  Lainey Di Angelo, she's your average first grader. She enjoys school and loves to sing, but this 8 year old is not average. At just six and half years old, she was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma, a rare cancer

"With everything she has been through, three different kinds of chemo a day, because when they found the chemo, it was already stage four, the cancer," said Harrell.

Thankfully, Lainey is now in remission.

"Towards the end of her chemo, Kosair does a 'End of Chemo' party and they presented her with that bike, so it was a gift and it was special to her," said Harrell.

She loves to ride her bike, up and down the sidewalks near her Bardstown home and parking it every night on the front porch.

Last week they woke up to find the bike was gone.

"It's very upsetting and I was determined that I was going to find it, whether I could or not," said Harrell.

Harrell took the investigation into her own hands and stopped by a nearby pawn shop on a hunch, "He said 'I have it' and I was just amazed."

Police said the pawn shop refused to buy the bike and the suspect left it outside. They were able to capture a surveillance picture and police said that led them to Dylan Mingus, 23.

And just like that, Lainey was back on her bike, "She gives me hope because if I have to go through something or I'm sick, I think back what she's been through," said Harrell.

Mingus was arrested on two outstanding warrants, one for shoplifting and one for theft.

Police said he admitted to stealing Lainey's bike and officers hope to charge him with that soon.

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