Work Fit/Industrial Medicine Program

Services: WorkFit/Industrial Medicine Program
WorkFit is a program offering a full range of pre-employment services, injury prevention and wellness education and Worker's Compensation with a special fee scheduling designed for each business. Various services provided by our WorkFit team include accident prevention in-services, education and wellness, health fair screenings, pre-employment and post-injury assessment. We also provide on-site flu shots and hepatitis vaccines. Our physicals are custom designed to meet each employer's needs. The benefits of enrolling in the WorkFit program include 24-hour access to medical treatment, priority care to injured employees, customized employee injury forms for business/industry, timely reporting of information to employers and faxing of injury report to human resources within 24 hours, seven days a week. Call (318) 371-5608 for more information or call (318)371-5610 for appointments.

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