Special Deliveries and the Baby Place

Services: Special Deliveries and the Baby Place

Our fourth floor is a part of the Women's Health Center of Minden Medical Center, and was created with women's special needs in mind. We have delivery suites designed with women’s comfort in mind, with soft colors and special amenities for our new mothers. We have a Level Two nursery to care for higher risk infants and our perinatal nurses are NALS (Neonatal Advanced Life Support) certified.

Childbirth Classes are offered bi-monthly. For more information call 318-371-5682 for class dates and registration or pick up a registration form from your physician.

Sibling Tours for other children of expectant mothers are available by appointment. Tours are given by Dawn Stewart, Patient Representative. (put in pt & click). Call 371-5653 or send our Patient Representative an Email.

Infant C.P.R. Classes are offered based on demand or physician order-please call 318-371-3271 or send our In Service Education an Email.

Email for more information contact Ms. Rhodes at the email below.