Rehabilitation Services

Services: Rehabilitation Services

Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapies

Minden Medical Center's Rehab Department has provided comprehensive rehabilitation services to Minden area residents since 1983. Highly trained Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists are available to provide treatment on an in- or outpatient basis or through home health.

Treatment is available for a variety of conditions upon referral from a physician.

Recent addition of computerized back and functional capacity evaluation equipment has enhanced our ability to provide pre-employment testing and Workers' Compensation rehabilitation to area businesses.

Additional testing equipment includes:

B-200: Objectively measures range of motion of the lumbar spine as well as isometric and dynamic strength. The B-200 can also be used as a rehabilitation device to strengthen the back following injury.

Lift Station: Evaluates a person's ability to safely perform physical tasks. An injured worker can be evaluated prior to return to work to determine their ability to safely perform their original duties.

BTE: Evaluates hand and arm function along with preparing for full-function return to work by simulating daily job tasks.

Nerve Pace: A non-invasive test determining the nerve's ability to conduct impulses. This test has proven successful in detecting problems such as carpal tunnel disease.

The Minden Medical Center Rehab Department is committed to providing quality comprehensive services to our community. For additional information or appointment scheduling, call 318-371-3218.

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