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Minden Medical Center has designed and built your new heart center with the patient’s needs and convenience in mind. This new 4,000 square foot building houses a 4-bed prep/recovery area, cath/procedure room; a separate admissions, reception and waiting area; and a dedicated covered entrance. The Heart Center was the natural next step to the growing healthcare needs by providing cath procedures for our community. We are very excited to add this service to keep patient close to home.”

The Heart Center team is lead by Dr. Phillip Rozeman, Cardiologist. Dr. Rozeman is the president and a founding physician of Cardiovascular Consultants. He has been a practicing cardiologist since 1984. He brings extensive experience and expertise in the field of invasive cardiology, having performed over 6,000 diagnostic heart catheterizations, over 1000 balloon angioplasty or stent placements over his career. Dr. Rozeman joined the Minden’s staff in 1995 with satellite clinic for easier access for area patients. He now has a full time office and staff working with The Heart Center.

The Heart Center will have access to the latest technology with our GE LVC plus equipment. This equipment is designed for a wide range of cases including diagnostic heart catheterizations, cardiac balloon and stent procedures, peripheral vascular diagnostic and treatment and evaluation of carotid artery disease

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