About Minden Medical Center

Welcome to Minden Medical Center.

It is a privilege to present our facility to you. Healthcare is judged by quality and compassion of those who provide the care, and the staff at Minden Medical Center are some of those caring providers. With a dedication to providing personalized, caring, quality-oriented and cost-effective health care, Minden Medical Center offers the kind of services found in many larger medical facilities, but with the warmth and caring found in a close-knit community.

Originally established in 1926, Minden Medical Center is a 159-bed acute care hospital housed in a modern facility. It is the only hospital in the southern portion of Webster Parish and serves a population of around 43,000. Minden Medical Center is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
(JCAHO) and is approved by Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross for participation. A wide range of services are offered including emergency room, ambulatory surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN, laboratory, diagnostic x-ray, cardiopulmonary, nuclear medicine, Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Program, CT scanning, MRI, mobile Lithotripsy, six-bed ICU, physical therapy, oncology and neurology.

Our Medical Staff consists of general surgeons, OB/GYNs, pediatric/neonatologists, family practitioners, general practitioners, urologist, orthopedic surgeon and otolaryngologist (ENT). Ophthalmology, our Women's Pavilion, Senior Care Services, oncology services, and Home Health Agency compliment our acute care offerings. An occupational medicine program and numerous managed care alternatives complete the menu of available services. We also have full time radiologists consulting with our Breast Care Center and consulting pathologists, cardiologists, a neurologist and an anesthesiologist. Minden Medical Center offers patients both the sophisticated technology, as well as the compassionate personal attention and caring that are part of being a community-based hospital.


George E. French III
Chief Executive Officer

Mission Statement

Vision/Mission/Value Statement

VISION (Where we want to go) We aspire to be the finest hospital in the country. .

MISSION (Why we're here) . . . By coordinating the delivery of health care services which meet the primary needs of our inpatients and outpatients. . .

VALUE (Behavior attributes needed to achieve VISION/MISSION) . . . in a "personalized", "caring", "quality oriented", "cost effective manner"

Vision/Mission/Value Statement
We aspire to be the finest hospital in the country by coordinating the delivery of health care services which meet the primary needs of our inpatients and outpatients in a personalized, caring, quality oriented, cost effective manner.

General Facts About Minden Medical Center

Minden Medical Center planted its roots in 1926, as a four-story building with only an x-ray department, one operating room, a room for tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies, one delivery room, 80 hospital beds and a strong commitment to quality healthcare.

Today, it has blossomed into a 159-bed acute care hospital serving a population of more than 50,000. It is the only hospital in the southern portion of Webster Parish. Over 1,200 people each month seek emergency care in our emergency facility. Minden Medical Center has over 400 employees including our offsite locations and we have an annual payroll of approximately $8.5M.


JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)
Recent Survey: July 2002, Grid Score: 98 Accreditation
JCAHO Lab Survey: April 2004-Accreditation

Louisiana State Department of Health and Human Resources

Department of Human Service Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)

Louisiana State Department of Health Inspections

Certification Laboratory Information Act (CLIA)

Proficiency Program/American College of Pathologists

Louisiana Board of Pharmacy

State Narcotics Division – Pharmacy

Louisiana Dept of Health & Hospitals Controlled Dangerous Substances Section

FDA Regulated X-Ray/Mammography Department

American College of Radiology
Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiner for RRT and CRT Licensing
Louisiana State Fire Marshall Office (Healthcare Division)

Louisiana State Radiation Protection Division

Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Louisiana State Radiological Board

American Society of Radiological Technologist

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Minden Medical Center
#1 Medical Plaza
Minden, Louisiana 71055

General Information:
(318) 377-2321

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