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Storm victims still cleaning up from Thursday's storm


Tree limbs still cover the ground on Barron road in south Caddo Parish, all thanks to a supercell thunderstorm that produced a downburst with winds up to 105 miles per hour.

"It felt like the whole world was shaking. Cause it was so loud. And I opened the door and the tree, that's what we heard the loudest and it fell across my truck and I was crying." Said Wilson.

A nearly 40-foot long tree that once stood here now lays across Wilson's truck. She hasn't been able to go anywhere since the storm because she can't find anyone to help remove the tree.

"I want it off my truck. I told them, if you give me a chainsaw, I'll get it off." Said Wilson.

While Wilson took cover in her home, some of her neighbors were caught in the storm's fury. Outside.

"We were watching the clouds rotate in the sky and it started changing colors so we tried to take shelter." Said Thorton.

Missy Thorton and her family took shelter in this ditch before running to the back of the trailer park and having to take shelter in a tall grassy area. She said she suffered bruises from the hail hitting her in the back.

"I've got a knot right here and bruises everywhere. I mean, it was bad, I've never been through anything like that," said Thorton.

Thorton covered her children while the hail fell, luckily, not one of them were hurt. Since then, the people who live on Barron Road have been without power, making tough living conditions, even tougher.

The Red Cross turned out again to help this weekend to hand out cold water and hot meals for these storm victims.

"Our people are all over the place assessing the damage so we can get to the people who need the help as soon as possible," said Red Cross volunteer Dalton Griffin.

"We lost everything in our fridge. My husband's type two diabetic and we lost his insulin so it's been rough but we're going to make it," said Thorton.

This afternoon, power was restored to the Barron Road area but the Red Cross says they will continue to serve the people in need.

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