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District responds to teacher's allegations of 'administrative bullying' and 'blacklisting'


Thursday, Tyler Independent School District responded to a story aired last Thursday about the concerns their teachers have with the district.

"The greatest struggle we have as teachers is that there seems to be an effort to cover up how much of a discipline problem there is in the individual school. It's not a healthy place to work anymore. It's not a fun place. They are taking the joy and the passion from many excellent teachers," one teacher said anonymously.

Most of the teachers who spoke out did so anonymously. They asked not to be identified for fear of losing their jobs. The teachers also spoke about a general fear of retaliation amongst themselves when it came to confronting the district with their concerns. Thursday Tyler ISD Superintendent responded.

"I would ask any teacher, and those teachers that did not want to give their identity for whatever reason that was, that they start with it at the campus and go through that procedure. If they're afraid of retaliation, that's something I won't... this administration won't tolerate any retaliation against anybody. Everybody is entitled to their concerns and to offer a grievance, but they also have to go through the district policy because I'm bound to follow that policy," says TISD Superintendent Gary Mooring.

Superintendent Mooring says the district policies and procedures are put place so that both sides can respond to any complaints and address any problems.

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