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Mexican or Italian cuisine for under $5? We found it!


You stop at a restaurant and you're sohungry you order without noticing the price. You end up satisfying your hunger,but you're not very satisfied about the price because maybe you spent $12.

Is there anywhere you can get some cheapeats?

Yes, you can still have lunch for a Lincolnor less.

Today we'll see if Tyler can serve up lunchwith a $5 maximum. Guess what? The answer is yes.

At Little Italy on the corner of Amherstand Broadway you can have Italian in the form of a hearty slice of pizza and asoup or salad and a good sized soft drink. But wait, there's more! You can alsoget spaghetti with meat sauce, mushroom sauce or a meatball. The thing thatmakes this one work is the rolls you get with the sit-down lunch.

Your total: $4.88.

Over on old Henderson Highway and Loop 323 atMexico Lindo they might also have what we're looking for;  a quick glance atthe menu proves me right. You can get two tacos of varying types, plus chips, salsaand a small drink for $4.87.

At the corner of Front Street andPalmer Avenue at Hot Spot number 3, you can refuel your car and yourself with acorn dog, fries and a drink for a reasonable $4.32. Obviously that doesn'tinclude gas; that's extra.

And the cheapest eat? Well, we'll have todrive back to the Hot Spot for two chicken thighs, fries and a drink for...areyou sitting down? ...$3.24.

They even spice it up with a coupleof jalapenos just to make sure you finish that drink.

And the extra cheap eat? It's Jalipita #2at 802 ENE Loop 323 near highway 271 N. You can get three tacos and a drink for justa little over $4.

If you have a cheap eat idea, send us an emailat

To qualify as a cheap eat, the meal must include a main course, a side and a realdrink (not water) including tax, for $5 or less

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