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Golden Apple Award Winner: Jessica Church

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Jessica Church brings science to life for her 4th and 5th grade classes. She does this with hands on projects, like dioramas. "Because they can do it, and if they can do it, and they can see it, and hear it, and write about it, then they can learn it" Jessica Church, Golden Apple Award Winner, says. From the classroom to the real world, Mrs. Church is hoping her students will want to grow up to be scientists. "I want them to see the engineering aspect of science. You also have kids that aren't necessarily good at that so I want them to see that marine biology is a career, forensics, we're doing a unit on forensics with the 5th grade. So you're not just a detective, there are other jobs involves in that I want them to really open their minds up to choices" Church says.

She says she likes teaching science because she can bring the outside in. To show that to her students, she works with them on special projects. "We're trying to teach them about engineering, I teach a robotics class after school we do with Lego robotics, and we do competitions in Bossier City" Church says. She believes if the students have fun learning the subject, they may follow in her footsteps, and choose science as a career.

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