Friendship House benefits from House for Hope proceeds

Friendship House benefits from House for Hope proceeds

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - KSLA News 12, Community Renewal, and the Northwest Louisiana Home Builders Association are asking you to help build a safe home for kids in Shreveport's Highland neighborhood.

KSLA News 12's Kevin Roth visited the Friendship House, a program that helps kids, families, and an entire community.

The Friendship House is home to a program the helps kids, families and an entire community.

Kids know it simply as a great place for kids to enjoy after school. "Play and eat food. All of that stuff," says one child who knows it well.

Many of the children come straight from class, backpacks still on, to a place where the people really do care about the community.

"One half of the house is dedicated to the community and the neighborhood. And the other half of the house is lived in by a community renewal staff member called a community coordinator and their family," says Sandra Simpson, Highland Community Coordinator.

"The local friendship house is a great thing for families in the area. Really for the whole community. But if you ask the kids, they're just having fun."

While the kids play in a fun, safe environment, the parents are free to take care of what they need to do.

"What does your mom do while you're here," a child was asked.

"Go to work."

To help the children reach new heights, more than just playtime is required.

The program is tied into the House for Hope, and tickets are available for those who register to win their dream home.

Proceeds from the House for Hope will pay for the new Friendship House, which will replace the one that currently exists.

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