Textbooks On-Line

As if college isn't expensive enough, once you're done with tuition, room and board, there's another major expense - textbooks. But some smart students are buying and selling their books, on-line.
Wendy Chanty, Student: "I think they're outrageously priced, and half the time they don't always offer used textbooks."
    Wendy is not alone. Most students think the cost of textbooks is simply too high. And 43 percent of those polled in a recent study by Survey.com, said they didn't buy a required book because of the cost.
    Danielle Warner, Student: "most expensive textbook that I bought was my chemistry book and it was about $200."
   The study found most students spend between three hundred dollars and six hundred dollars on textbooks per semester - in many cases, an unexpected "sticker shock", on top of what they've just paid for tuition and room and board. As an alternative, many students have turned to the internet.
   Wendy Chanty: "You don't have to wait in line, you don't have to worry if they have used books, or if the book is even in stock. Buying books online last year I probably saved a couple hundred dollars."
   With that kind of saving, why isn't everyone buying books online? Bossier Parish Community College Bookstore Manager Javonna Steadman says there are solid reasons to "stay local".
   Javonna Steadman, BPCC Bookstore Manager: "When you buy from the bookstore, we pull your schedule and we match the numbers to the books. If we pull the wrong book, you bring it back with the receipt and you can exchange it at that time."
    Steadman also warns, "I know there's a chance you may not get the correct book that the teacher is using for that class."
    And remember, as with any purchase you make online, shop carefully. In a test on an online textbook price-search page, we found textbooks selling above bookstore retail!
   "Our books are expensive, we understand that. Maybe you can get a better deal online. I don't know about shipping, but I still think, if you want your book you come in and you buy it, you don't have to wait on it, and you can be sure you get the correct book."
   So, where do you find the "deals" online? Using any search engine, just search for "textbooks online" - then, be patient. You ll have a lot of choices to wade through.