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Opponents debate Longview alcohol vote


Longview voters approved a measure to allow more stores in the city to sell beer and wine for off-premise consumption, but the debate continues on both sides of this issue. Some say the passage of prop 1 for the open sale of alcohol is based on nothing more than money.

"We live in a culture that money drives the economy and if they think they can keep tax dollars or make profit by selling beer, wine , alcohol , they're going to do it," says Longview pastor Richard Jones.

Proponents say it just makes good business sense.

"This is important because in today's marketplace businesses won't come into an area where they can't sell beer and wine, particularly grocery stores," says supporter Kimberly Fish.

The 2-to-1 outcome came as a real surprise to opponents.

"We assumed that the folks who wanted to keep alcohol free keep the morals where they need to be, were going to come out in force and they didn't," Jones says.

Opponents worry what the result of beer and wine for off-premise consumption citywide will be.

"Mindset out there that as long as you're moderate its ok. But I've lived by , what I do in moderation someone else will take to excess, people involved in tragic wrecks and loss of life. They're going to talk about economic gain but I'd like to see in 5 years where we are with jails , prisons , car wrecks, loss of life," says Jones.

"If this is what they require in order to come into our market place we believe the voters need to have a say. That's the door that will be opened with a yes vote," Fish says.

And time will tell who voted the right way. Tatum voters also approved the same proposition for their city.

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