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Life back to normal for kids in ETX school bus wreck


Police in Hooks, Texas have completed their investigation into a school bus wreck that sent some junior high students to the hospital  Thursday afternoon.

Bus driver Jocelyn Fullerton was cited for failure to drive in a single lane. Video from an on-board camera showed police what happened.

"The driver was checking a side view mirror, possibly for other traffic at the time. Speed was not a factor, nor texting, or anything like that," says Sgt. Chad Ford.

Fullerton, 62, is a four-year veteran of the Bowie County transportation district. But as buses ran on Friday, Fullerton was not driving.

Police say the Fullerton had picked up her students from school was driving north on FM 560 where she ran into a ditch on the right side of the road, hitting an electric pole.

The bus then crossed the road and ran into another ditch, finally stopping in a parking lot.

"Me and my friend, Cody, flew up and hit the roof," says student Javonte Green.

Alisha Holley, parent of a daughter on the bus, says that "some kids flipped out of their seats and did double flips. She hit her head."

Eight students suffered minor injuries, and two of them were taken to the hospital. All of the students rode the bus on Friday, a signal that life has returned to normal in the small East Texas school district.

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