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Your Week in Viral Videos: The future lies in the hands of opinionated kids

(RNN) – Jeff Bliss just became the hero of every uninspired student and the worst nightmare of every uninspired teacher.

Who is Jeff Bliss, you ask? He's this guy.

His crude rant after getting tossed from class was laden with searing truths, and the 90-second cell phone video made him an overnight sensation.

College guys just don't get it

However, a 10-year-old is on a mission to set them on the right path. In a video dripping with cuteness and common sense that males seem to lose post-puberty, Cole restores faith in the Y chromosome.

Let's just hope people from his intended audience finds this in one of their random trips around cyber space.

Anything you can do…

Laurie Koehn can do it better, guys. The Atlanta Dream (WNBA) and former Kansas State guard who set school records in only two years put on a ridiculous show in her old school's practice gym.

In slightly more than five minutes, she shot 135 jump shots… from the 3-point line… and only missed three times. Someone get Reggie Miller on the phone. It's on!

Babies are awesome

At least this one is, a 10-month-old named Ryder in Queensland, Australia. He went water skiing (sort of) with almost no help and without the slightest hint of trepidation.

Looks like we already have a frontrunner as the champion for X Games 2030.


Kid President's ode to moms

Treadmill dance

Weasel war dance

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