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Students help raise funds for teen hit by truck

Ryan Eason was struck Wednesday by a truck on Mapmaker Lane. Ryan Eason was struck Wednesday by a truck on Mapmaker Lane.

Police said the driver who struck a teen on Wednesday on Mapmaker Lane is not facing charges at this time.

The driver was going 15 mph, which is under the speed limit in that area, according to police. The student was not leaving school at the time of the incident and had been out of school for more than an hour.

Fellow students said they are doing all they can to support Ryan Eason and his family. 

A sign hanging at Coastal Middle School says Coastal Shows We Care. They're also united by wearing red for Ryan on Friday as part of a fund-raiser to help the Eason family.

Fellow eighth-grader Brandon Heebner was sitting in homeroom when he told his teacher about his idea.

"My brother, his name is Ryan, and my mom would always dress him in red," Brandon recalled. He they should wear red for Ryan and that it is his favorite color.

Red is also on display outside the Eason home. There's a red ribbon on their tree and mailbox. The words "welcome home" are written in chalk on the driveway. 

Students say Coastal Middle School is their home away from home.

Principal Kerry Coursey encouraged students to wear red. It caught on. Most of them wore some form of red on Friday.

"We're supporting him – because Coastal is a family," said eighth-grader David Dougal.

David said that if anything like this happened in his real family he would like the help.

"It would hurt me personally, emotionally, probably physically too because I'd be tired and depressed all the time, so wouldn't feel like doing anything all the time, so we're just supporting them, trying to lift them up," David said.

Whether it was wearing a red hat or wearing read from head to toe, students' show of support made them feel better about a bad situation.

"I feel everyone joins in - helping hands. Everyone does things for one another. I feel safe in Coastal," said eighth-grader Justin Cutter.

Students and staff are going visit with Ryan's family to see how he's doing and to give them the funds raised on Friday night.

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