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Webster Parish officials act after 6-year-old boy is shocked at school

Zander's burns are healing. Zander's burns are healing.

Two different stories are coming out of Webster Parish over how six year old Zander Thompson's hand was shocked and burned by an electrical outlet at school.

Webster superintendent Steve Dozier says evidence found points to it being the child's fault he was burned. But little Zander maintains he was just washing his hands when shocked.

Zander spent the evening practicing his karate, he's hoping to earn his yellow belt tomorrow. "Kids are resilient, it's like it never even happened," said Zander's mom Jennifer Thompson. He's in good spirits after only two days ago, an electrical shock burned his hands at school, landing him in the hospital. Zander explained what happened to KSLA News 12. "Soap probably dripped off my hand and caught on the plug and shot sparks," said Zander. But Superintendent Dozier says Zander isn't exactly telling the truth, "The student had been playing with a wire on the playground and brought the wire into the cafeteria".

"Investigation indicates the wire was placed into the electrical receptacle by the student resulting in a shock," he added. But both his parents say Zander is sticking to his story, "I've asked my son repeatedly, we've pinky promised, he pinky promises me he did not stick anything in the socket". Regardless of how it happened, Thompson says Zander was still shocked. Her fear initially was the school would brush the incident under the rug and not do anything. But Dozier promises action, saying, "The school district has turned off the power to several unnecessary electrical plugs and have ordered caps (similar to outdoor weather caps for electrical outlets) for receptacles in the facility".

"It's definitely what I was looking for, I'm glad they jumped on it as fast as they did," said Thompson. But she thinks the safety changes should be made to all of the older elementary schools. She worries if another accident happens, the child may not be as lucky as little Zander whose burns are healing, just in time to compete for that yellow belt.

The national electrical code requires new homes and buildings to have tamper-resistant outlets. While not mandatory, it is strongly recommended older buildings be outfitted with them too.

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