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Corporal punishment used on child without parent’s consent


"I don't want to subject my child to that kind of fears or abuse, to me that is abusive" Elizabeth Price says. That Ark-La-Tex mother is enraged Thursday after she says her little girl's teacher spanked her in front of several other students in the class. This is at Linden-Kildare Elementary School in Linden, Texas. "She took three boys up there at a time and then three girls up there at a time, and she asked them 'were you talking', if they were talking they got spanked and if they weren't they got to go to PE. I felt like I did when I'm going to throw up" Abigail Beaty-Price, a 3rd grader at Linden-Kildare Elementary School, says.

9 year old, Abigail, says her teacher spanked her and a dozen other kids in her class with a meter stick in front of several other students. "I was scared" Abigail says. Her mother says she did not give consent for corporal punishment to be used on her 3rd grader. Abigail said the spanking hurt because there were buttons on her pants. "We have signed the form that says they cannot perform corporal punishment on our children and then further more I was not even contacted to tell me my child was in trouble" Price says.

Elizabeth price says she will keep her child at home until that teacher is punished. "It makes me not trust the school system. We are not against spanking our children but what we are against is someone else doing it. Spanking our children is the duty of the parent. That's our duty, not the teacher" Price says.

She sat down with the Linen-Kildare superintendent. "He and the principal both were shocked, and he agreed with me that under the Texas Education Code that corporal punishment is usually administered by the principal and that parents are usually called" Price says. That shock is leading to a school board investigation. She is calling the spanking an assault, and went to the police with her story as well. They told her they couldn't help her. "We don't usually have anything to do with that, its usually the school" Police Chief Alton McWaters says. He sent Price over to the campus police. They shut the door on our cameras, but told Price they would do their own investigation. That is two investigations total into the teacher who, Price says, did the spankings on the more than a dozen children.

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