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Golden Apple Award Winner: Monica Ardoin


"I have a fitness program called SLAM Fitness and it's an after school program where we have the kids come and we learn different activities. We run laps and they earn prizes. We also do fitness videos inside the classroom and get kids up and moving, get them in shape so they have more blood flow to their brain and are more focused on their class work" Monica Ardoin, Golden Apple Award winner from Forest Hill Elementary School, says. Monica Ardoin says teaching kids to be healthy when they are young will help them grow into successful adults. That is why she started the after school program, SLAM.

"We run laps a lot and sometimes she lets up just run free in slam and we get to do whatever we want. She has jump ropes and hula hoops kickball" Haylee Nichols, a student and SLAM member, says. Ardoin says keeping her kids moving makes them better workers. "It helps you get more muscles and makes you become more buff" Daniel Ary, a student, says. "The more active you are, the more active your brain is. They're more focused in class and their behavior problems go down so their ready to work when they get in the room" Ardoin says.

Mrs. Ardoin also has a garden for her SLAM students to grow vegetables in.  "Healthy eating can help you in a lot of ways, it can help you grown muscles, and it can help you get a lot of energy" Ary says. "We have a lot of kids that don't necessarily have access to a lot of healthy foods at home. We want them to learn at school the importance of it" Ardoin says.

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