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Former school superintendent wanted in IN arrested in Shreveport

Marion "Al" Chapman (Source: Caddo Correctional Center) Marion "Al" Chapman (Source: Caddo Correctional Center)

Shreveport, LA & Perry County, IN (WFIE/KSLA) - A former school superintendent wanted out of southwest Indiana has been arrested in Shreveport.

The warrant was issued in January for Marion "Al" Chapman, the former head of the Cannelton School District.

According to KSLA News 12's sister station WFIE, Chapman is facing two felony theft counts and two counts of official misconduct, which is also a felony, in connection with his alleged mishandling of the district's money.

Chapman was removed from his Superintendent position in December 2011 after the school board ruled that he failed to manage the district's finances.
A state audit released in August 2012 alleged that Chapman overpaid himself more than $200,000, quit paying the school's federal taxes and misspent more than $300,000 from a trust.
Attorney General Greg Zoeller filed a civil suit against Chapman in August, in an effort to recoup the missing funds. The suit also asked the judge to freeze Champman's bank accounts and assets.
Perry County Prosecutor Rod Acchiardo says he asked Indiana State Police to conduct an investigation once the audit was finished. That investigation revealed further evidence of criminal acts, according to Acchiardo.
Sources tell KSLA News 12 that officers from the U.S. Marshal's Service took Chapman into custody Monday at a local car dealership.

Acchiardo says the Marshals's office is going to extradite Chapman, and that Indiana State Police hope to get him on Thursday or Friday.

Arraignment could happen Monday or Tuesday.

Authorities always believed that he might be in Louisiana. He was a finalist for a position in a school district near Baton Rouge, but was passed over when officials there learned about his possible legal trouble in Indiana.
The warrant issued for Chapman is one that can be served anywhere in the country. Acchiardo says this isn't something his office normally does, but it's important in this case to restore the trust of the public.
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