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Driver describes how he survived crash into flooded creek


During last weekend's flooding, J.R. Boone, of Dover, came across what he thought was water over Leatherwood Road.

However, he couldn't have been more wrong.

A bridge that connects the road over a creek was washed away, and the creek was more like a rushing river.

Boone's truck went down the creek nose first, then flipped over and sank.

He was trapped with water rushing around him.

"I was submerged three feet over the vehicle upside down," says Boone.

One week later he retraced those terrifying seconds as he tried desperately to free himself from the truck as water began to quickly fill the cab.

Boone was attempting to reach his sister's home

According to Boone, "water surrounded her house I was going to see if I could be of any help."

But instead of helping his sister, he needed help himself, and he didn't have much time as his truck lay in eight feet of water.

"First thing I had to do was unfasten my seat belt and get out of it," recalled Boone.

Unable to open the doors or lower the windows, he had to act quickly.

Boone knew there was a sliding glass panel in the back of the cab, so his training as a diver came into play.

"All I had been trained said stay in your vehicle until its full of water. When I got with about this much air space left in the cab, got a good long air, exhaled, got another good lung of air, pulled the sliding door," Boone said.

He had one chance, there were no re do's.

"Went through it in an angle. this shoulder I couldn't get clear of it, stuck there for a few second, but then I made a surge with my feet against the dash, made a hard push, my left. Shoulder dislocated, when it did I slid through the window. the current pulled me the rest of the way out of it," recalled Boone.

Boone said when he surfaced, he grabbed a strong limb from a tree, and made it safely to the side of the creek bank.

He said he's alive today, because he didn't panic, and never gave up.

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