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All clear at Shreveport elementary school after grenade scare


Parents and students at an Ark-La-Tex grade school started the day with quite a scare after a 7-year old student reportedly brought a 'dummy grenade' on campus.

It happened at North Highland Elementary on Poleman Drive in Shreveport Friday. Caddo Schools Spokesman Victor Mainiero told us at the scene, "This morning, roughly 7:30, 7:45, we had a possible hand grenade that was discovered on campus."

Shreveport Police officers and firefighters rushed to the campus and the school immediately went into lockdown. "It was determined that it was a fake grenade," added Mainiero.

The Shreveport Fire Department is the lead investigator. They would not give us access to the fake grenade. But Shreveport Assistant Fire Chief Fred Sanders described it as a 3-inch tall 'dummy pineapple grenade,' often used as a paperweight, with a hole in the bottom of it.

Nine-year old Adrieyonna Gilmer is a 4th grader at North Highland Elementary. Hours after the incident had happened, she described her reaction to us, while standing next to her mom. "Well, I thought it was just so crazy because who would bring... 'cause my music teacher told me a dad had it laying around the house." In fact, authorities confirmed that the student's father is in the military and reportedly had it at home.

Mainiero told KSLA News 12 that about forty minutes after the whole ordeal began it was over and the lockdown was called off at 8:20 a.m.. Now, some parents are asking some tough questions like why they weren't notified what was going on at the school as they dropped off their children during the lockdown. That includes Adrieyonna's mom, Ramona Gilmer:

REPORTER: "You heard about it first through us?"
RAMONA GILMER: "Yes, got it through my text."

Shortly after getting that KSLA News 12 text, the school did call her about the grenade scare. "The school actually called my phone but I didn't get to answer it because I was working,"

But Gilmer said she wanted answers during the scare as she dropped off her daughter. "Yes, I wish they would have at least said something instead of rushing to get, getting her out of the car and not just ignoring me. I mean they didn't tell me anything what's going on."

Assistant Chief Sanders told us that no charges are expected in the case because there was no 'criminal intent' to scare anyone at the school. And Mainiero said the school district cannot comment directly on any possible disciplinary action against the student because of privacy issues.

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