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Pride before fear: Caddo judge's 'Run to Remember'

Caddo Judge Pitman finishing the 26.2 mile Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Caddo Judge Pitman finishing the 26.2 mile Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

A Caddo Parish judge puts pride before fear by running in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, less than two weeks after the Boston bombings.

"I ran in Boston in 1999," says Judge Mike Pitman, just days before running his 19th competitive marathon.

Pitman says he's anxious to return to Boston next year, but he needs to qualify to get there. That could happened by running a good time in Oklahoma City, or Chicago later this year.

Immediately after the Boston bombings, there was some concern Oklahoma City officials may cancel their annual event which honors the 168 lives lost when a bomb was detonated outside the Murrah Federal Building.

"I was glad to see they were not canceling it. Lots of people were writing into blogs, asking them to not cancel it. We want it to be there. It's absolutely how I feel, " adds Pitman.

The day before Sunday marathon, Judge Pitman met KSLA News 12's Doug Warner for a tour of the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

Pitman was overwhelmed by the survivor tree, the reflecting pool and the chairs spread across the green grass where the federal building once stood, representing each life lost in the bombing.

"I think it's fabulous, so many years later, they're carrying this on so we don't forget, " says Pitman.

As for the race, Pitman wrapped up his 26.2 mile run with a time of just over 3 hours and 50 minutes, a little slower than he had hoped. But he says nothing was going to keep him from running in Oklahoma City - not it's own history as a target of terrorism, nor the recent attack in Boston.

"When you hear terrorist attack against judges and law enforcement agents, it is a personal thing for those of us that serve in that capacity," adds Pitman.

"We can't live in a society bullied around by terrorists."

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