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Local family goes hi-tech & green


More and more Americans are going green these days. That includes everything from using renewable energy, to recycling, to planting gardens. And one Ark-La-Tex man is taking it the extra mile by putting up some serious cash to go green.

By day, 31-year old Chris Martin of Bossier City is a computer graphics artist. But on his private time, he's all about going green. In fact, Martin beamed with pride while showing us his brand new, all-electric luxury sedan: The Tesla Model 6; American made and with every imaginable bell and whistle inside.

As Martin pulled out of his driveway, he rolled down the car window and began, "It's just completely silent, you just roll."

With no ignition, no engine and no exhaust, all the power is already there just waiting for his foot to hit the gas, er, accelerator pedal as he demonstrated for us.

MARTIN: "One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four. It's 60 (miles per hour). You feel how smooth that acceleration is?"

But all this hi-tech innovation comes at a price - try $95,000. Maybe that's why his venture into green technology started much smaller and cheaper. Martin showed us his robotic lawnmower he calls 'Robo-mow.'

Martin turned on the device and let it roam his front yard for us to see. "The beauty of the entire thing is that he does this and I'm not doing it, right? he'll just run himself in the backyard," smiled Martin.

He bought Robo-mow two years ago. And just like his Tesla, this autonomous mower is all-electric with no gas, no engine and therefore no smog put into the air.

And Martin isn't finished with his green upgrades, beyond the Tesla and the Robo-mow. Next, he plans to buy some rooftop solar panels. Martin said with tax incentives he hopes out-of-pocket expenses for his home solar panels will total 6-thousand dollars.

He hopes to break even financially with the solar project in about three years. "I can actually completely remove and drive carbon-free, seriously carbon-free by just having a few solar panels."

Until Martin gets those solar panels he knows his so-called 'carbon footprint' will still be high. That's because the electricity to power his mower and his car will still be coming from the power grid. And since he lives in Bossier City that means coal and gas-powered plants run by Swepco.

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