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Golden Apple Award Winner: Bryan George


"I'm a positive kind of guy but with the kids here its easy to be positive" Coach Bryan George with Benton High School says. You could say Coach George is a jack of all trades over at Benton High. He coaches baseball, soccer, and helps out with football. "Definitely a motivator, he can get pretty intense when we're on the field. I think he definitely pushed me to be my best in games and in practice" Matthew Valcho, student athlete on the soccer team, says.

Coach George says he is able to translate that motivation into the biology and physical science classes he also teaches. "I grew up in the generation of textbooks. That wasn't very fun for me, so especially in this generation with kids to have that stimulus. The way I like to learn it is, why read it through a text book if we can go outside and do a lab on it" Bryan says. Coach George likes to relate science to everyday life, whether he can compare the assignment to sports or nature. He says a hands on approach is the best way to get the students engaged in class. "In this generation, the hardest thing to do is keep students interested. If we can keep them interested in science and make them realize how important science is, then I did my job" Bryan says. "Push you in the right direction and make sure you're staying on top of your grades and on top of your assignments. I think he's a great coach and a great teacher" Valcho says.

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